Patients First

Patients first. That’s the philosophy of this family practice that offers a broad spectrum of dentistry services. Patient comfort, need, trust and education are the everyday focus at Dr. Wichmann’s office.

You can take comfort knowing that most of your needs – including dental surgery and extractions -- can be performed right in the office. Dr. Wichmann’s ability to explain treatment plan options and provide a gentle touch reduces your anxiety and gives you more control.

The office’s approach to dentistry is one of preservation and prevention. Dr. Wichmann prefers to save a tooth and avoid extraction, whenever possible. Through patient education in home care and preventative practices, combined with regular office visits, Dr. Wichmann helps reduce the need for more serious or major dental work. 

Dr. Gene Wichmann presents all treatment options, explains the pros and cons of each and allows you to make informed decisions. We’re ready to give you the best care available today. Call for an appointment today. 

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